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What Can I Buy at Puerto Rican Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

With the opening of Puerto Rican medical marijuana dispensaries earlier this year – the U.S. territory followed Jamaica to become the second Caribbean island to make medical marijuana legal – you might be wondering what items are available for the growing amount of patients who have registered for medical marijuana cards.

There are a wide variety of options to suit almost everyone hoping to alleviate medical problems with the therapeutic herb.

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What Conditions Qualify for Medical Marijuana Use in PR?

In May of 2015, Puerto Rico legalized medical marijuana use to treat a wide range of potentially debilitating conditions, and as of December of 2016, an estimated 1,953 patients were registered for cards giving them the legal right to make purchases as state-licensed dispensaries.

“We’re taking a significant step in the area of health that is crucial to our development and high expectations for their quality of life. I am sure that many patients with receive appropriate treatment….

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How to Make Encanna Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The arrival of medical marijuana in Puerto Rico has created excitement and uncertainty. Excitement because new and highly effective medical products are now available to the general public, and uncertainty because many are still unsure how to take advantage of this progressive change in healthcare policy.
At Encanna we feel fortunate to be getting in on the ground floor of Puerto Rico’s medical marijuana revolution. Our products are superior grade and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality control.

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We believe the Isla del Encanto is the best place on Earth. That’s why we’re committed to growing and manufacturing our medicinal cannabis products right here in Puerto Rico, using organic growing practices, and stringent in-house lab testing. We provide patients with the purest, freshest products, including oils, tinctures, and wellness products, as well as edibles made from traditional Puerto Rican recipes. Come try our products and learn more at our new dispensaries. Sign up for email updates to stay in the know as we continue to grow.


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Encanna is your source for high quality, trusted cannabis products, island grown and created in our own facilities. We provide patients on the “island of enchantment,” the highest quality lab-tested medicinal cannabis products in everything from oils and tinctures to candies and chocolates. Come see us and experience our holistic approach in person at our dispensaries (coming soon!).

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