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From Seed to Sale

Medicinal Cannabis grown on the island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a magical place to live, and we wanted to feed our plants the same sunshine and soil that make the island so special to begin with. Our products are island grown using organic methods right here in Puerto Rico.

We manufacture all our products on-island as well, sourcing from local farms for theingredients that go into our edibles. Before releasing them, products are subjected to a rigorous quality testing process. This ensures the purest, most effective treatment options. Because it’s the people that make Puerto Rico so enchanting, and we’re committed to keeping them as healthy as possible.

An Oasis of Healing

Feel better the moment you step in the door of our dispensaries.

We’re creating a warm, welcoming space where you’re encouraged to learn, explore, and talk with professionals about your unique situation. We’re 100% dedicated to your education and treatment,, and are constantly working to make the benefits of medicinal cannabis more widely available across Puerto Rico.

To that end, we provide a holistic customer experience, including our high-quality product selection, unmatched service, and community events that benefit the medicinal cannabis movement.

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At Encanna, we’re just as passionate about taking care of our customers as we are about creating optimal growing conditions and the tastiest edibles. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to continue benefitting from your medicinal cannabis treatment, so we designed a points system that allows you to accrue credit with every Encanna purchase.

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